CAMSLINGER Streetomatic Valerie Jardin Edition Camera Bag


CAMSLINGER Streetomatic Valerie Jardin Edition Camera Bag

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LIMITED TO 200 BAGS – The CAMSLINGER Streetomatic Valerie Jardin Edition is not just the perfect camera bag for street photographers. It supports furthermore a charity project on the streets of our cities. French street photographer Valerie Jardin ( helped us to bring a bunch of French chic to our Streetomatic line-up. Valerie relinquishes on any profits out of this Limited Edition bag in favour to the #dosomethingfornothing  project of Joshua Coombes ( 25$ US of each bag will help Josh to continue his amazing project.

Josh is a stylist from London and gives free haircuts to homeless people in cities around the world. Street photographer Valerie Jardin is documenting Joshs work with her camera. Out of this coop came the idea of a Limited Edition Streetomatic to support the project. The CAMSLINGER Streetomatic Valerie Jardin Edition is limited to 200 bags and though 5,000 $US will go into #dosomethingfornothing. It will help Josh to give a good feeling and a fresh haircut to many people who live on the streets without a home and little ressources.

The 1-hand/1-second concept
When you use a CAMSLINGER Streetomatic you can access your camera super quick. Just move your hand intuitively to the bag at your hip, open it, grab the cam and take your picture - all with one hand and within a second.

Do you use a sling strap?
Many photographers use a sling strap. You too? Are you amazed by the speed of the one-handed access to your camera? But on the other side you would wish to have your gear safe against rain and bumps when not in use? Then the CAMSLINGER Streetomatic is the perfect solution for you!

For what gear is a CAMSLINGER Streetomatic?

- Mirrorless Cameras
- Superzoom Cameras
- Action Cameras
- Lenses (when using a sling strap for your cam)
- Travel Stuff 

Inner Dimensions: 150 mm / 3.4" high x 175 mm / 6.9" wide x 3.3" to 4.1" depth due to flexible back
Adjustable beldt from 70 cm / 30" to 125 cm / 50" (expandable up to 165 cm / 65"with Beltextension 40)
Colors Black, Blue, Khaki, Valerie Jardin Edition Grey

CAMSLINGER Streetomatic – Successfully funded on Indiegogo!

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