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Fair Products

Fair Products

COSYSPEED is currently supporting one development project in Africa. Burundi, situated in the heart of Africa is one of the poorest countries in the world and in a process of reconstruction after 15 years of civil war. Young women and girls live with their babies in the Home for Mothers “Centre Nyubahiriza” in the capital Bujumbura. Most of the pregnancies were unwanted and partially caused by sexual violence. In the Home for Mothers they have a secure place, daily meals, medical care and the possibility to go back to school or to have an apprenticeship in tailoring. Throughout this professional training the girls create products such as the CCAMPILLOW. By purchasing a CAMPILLOW you are concretely supporting a sustainable development project of BURUNDIKIDS e.V. in Burundi. The benefits of the sales of the CAMPILLOW are going directly to the project.THANK YOU! Burundikids e.V. is the German partner organisation of many projects in Burundi.

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The CAMPILLOW protects your camera from tumbling coffee cups while you are charging the batteries or transferring images to your PC. It is made in a development aid project in Burundi/Africa out of stylish African fabrics with a core of foam material. Place your camera or your smartphone on a CAMPILLOW and it is safe, looks pretty neat with the surrounding colors and supports a heart shaking project.

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